7 Mindful tips on how to care for your swimwear

Taking care of your swimwear means not only will it stay looking beautiful ready for your next jet away to a warmer travel destination but also it will last much longer. With proper care, you can keep your swimwear in it’s best and luxurious condition. 

If you want to prevent your one-piece bathing suit or bikini fading, losing shape and fabric deteriorating, take note of these simple tips;

Rinse in cool water immediately each time after wearing to remove any saltwater, suncream, oils or chlorine

Hand wash only, with a mild soap, to prevent any colour fading 

Dry in a shaded place and lay your swimwear flat to avoid any stretching out of the fabric

Never wring out your swimwear

Avoid drying in direct sunlight and never hang the swimsuit to dry as this can cause the fabric to stretch

Never leave your swimwear rolled up wet

Be mindful of where you sit, as contact with rough surfaces may cause pulling to swimwear and ruin it’s luxurious and beautiful texture

Now you have the tips and a dreamy tropical paradise awaits - is your travel style ready?

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